What They Say About Us

  • “I installed the InRush in my 6-year-old MPV which was plagued with odour. All it took was only a few days of driving before I noticed the odour vanished like magic. Now I am planning to install InRush to all my family vehicles”

    Mr Yap, Isuzu Panther

  • “I think the best feature about the InRush is that it makes my air-con feel cooler, like the air is lighter and clearer”

    Ms Wong, Toyota Vios

  • “I like the way my InRush keeps my car smelling clean and fresh all day. And it brings relief to my sensitive nose”

    Ms. Chan, Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe

  • “I use mine in my teenage son’s room (with the AC adaptor) and his room smells clean now. Comfortable to use”

    Ms Tang, Using at home

  • “ A very good item for those who wants to get rid of odours in your car!  Especially from the aircon!  Works like magic!”

    Mr Marco, Honda Airwave

  • “Thanks InRush! I’m a durian lover and am amazed at how quickly the device freshens up my car interior! Will definitely recommend my friends to get one too”

    Mr. Lim, Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe

  • “The musty smell in our 5 year old car was removed within days! …Amazing features for such a compact device!”

    Mr. Ang and Family, BMW Crossover

  • “I wasn’t paying much attention to the air quality in my car while driving until I used the InRush. I feel so invigorated now!”

    Mr Andrew, Mercedes Benz E-Class

  • “The InRush is amazing! It allows me to smoke and drive without stinking up my car.”

    Mr Martial, Honda Civic

  • “The design is cool and stylish.  Easy to use.  Importantly it does what it says… It eliminates all that bad smelly odour that was caused by bacteria and mould in the car.  Now, the air inside my car is fresh, clean and odourless.  I use it in my bomb shelter too to eliminate the fungi smell.  Really worth it!”

    Mr Yap – Hyundai Avante