Our Company

At Octygen® we combine more than two decades of professional experience in providing Indoor Air Quality Solutions to commercial sectors.

Derived from a lineage of designing and building advanced air purification systems for industry since 2003, our Octygen® air purifier range embodies our desires and aspirations to make available to more people our know-how and innovations through our products that are used and trusted by some of the biggest and best international brands in their respective fields.

Working with our valued customers in heavy industries, hospitality and healthcare we understand how technology helps people to be at their best and can make their lives better for the longer term.

To the same effect we constantly strive to find better understanding and meaning in the things we do daily through science, technologies and their application to invent, innovate and make available these improvements that make for fuller, more convenient living.

With this commitment we are proud to be Octygen®.  Our start is now, and it’s time to make things better.