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Q: Where do I place the InRush?

A:The InRush may be placed anywhere inside of the car cabin where the airflow returns to the air conditioner, which means just about anywhere. We do recommend that the InRush on the passenger’s side footwell where higher levels of plasma would be drawn into the air conditioner to do much of its deodorisation, sanitisation and purification before being blown out to continue its work in the cabin air.


Q: Is there any consumable to replace?

A: No, there are no replaceable consumables.


Q: Are there parts replacements should there be a problem?

A: No, there are none.


Q: Where can I find InRush?

A: On our online store or authorized resellers.


Q: What are the benefits of having it in my car?

A: There are loads found on (link to InRush page)


Q: How is it that your product is the first in the world, since there are already so many car air purifiers in the market?

A: As explained on (link to InRush page)


Q: What is the life span of the product?

A: The InRush was designed to last for between 3-5 years under normal use


Q: What smell will your product produce?

A: The InRush produces a fresh smell which resembles dried washed linen outdoors on a sunny day.
Q: How long is the warranty of the unit?

A: The warranty is for one year from the date of original purchase.


Q: Are all the components e.g. plugs, wires and accessories included in the warranty?

A: These accessories that come with the unit are not covered under the unit warranty.  However, they are exchangeable if they are found faulty within 3 days of the purchase date on the receipt.  Contact the local reseller you purchased it from for more information.


Does the warranty cover local and overseas as well?

Warranty cover is international and may be claimed from the authorized reseller from which it was purchased.


Is there a service centre I can bring to?

Please ask your local reseller for more information.