Frequently Asked Questions


1Where is Octygen® from?

Octygen® has industrial origins and innovations that span over a decade of application and progressive development in work environments such as offices, factories, as well as facilities in hospitality, automotive and healthcare.

2Why are your products unique?

We have created products that cleanse, purify and detoxify air to ensure that users live in an environment that provides optimal health for them. For more information, refer to this.

3How long would the products last?

Octygen® products are designed to provide years of trouble-free operation and utility.

4How often do we need to change the spare parts?

InRush™ – there is no need to change spare parts because there is nothing to be changed.
InFusion™ – We recommend changing the filters once every two years, or sooner depending on how much dust there is in an environment.

5Is there a filter to change?

Only for the InFusion™ –HEPA Filter with pre-filter and carbon filter, Activated Carbon Matrix.

6Where and how can we buy Octygen® products?

The products are available online from our Octygen® store and through authorized resellers. Contact us to find one closest to you.

Spare Parts

7How can we order the spare parts?

You may purchase from us directly where applicable delivery charges may apply accordingly.

8How quickly will they be delivered to us?

From online orders (estimated): Local destinations – 5 to 10 days. Overseas destinations – 14 to 36 days. Please take note that delays are possible depending on mailing season.

Shipping Charges

9How much are the shipping charges in Singapore?

We are pleased to offer Free Shipping anywhere on mainland Singapore by registered mail.  Additional charges may apply to places with admission or extraordinary transportation charges (e.g. ferry charges).  For places with restricted access, please contact us at

10How much are the shipping charges overseas?

Please note that prices do not include any duties or taxes which may be applicable when the product(s) reach buyer’s country.  By purchasing from our website as an overseas customer, you agree to be responsible of any applicable duties and taxes that are payable upon arrival at your country.  Do contact us by email to check shipping eligibility and the latest shipping rates to other countries.


11Is the product child proof?

While our products are not designed to be operated by children it may be useful to know that the InRush™ runs on 12V DC operated so there is no risk of electric shock. The InFusion™’s touch-screen control panel will respond to input by children as well as there no child lock.  Both models of air purifiers do not have openings large enough where they can stick their fingers into to get themselves caught or hurt.  Both products are safe around children.