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“For Pure, Fresh & Lively Spaces”

  • InComfort Dehumidifier with Photocatalytic Oxidation Purification

    $ 662.00 inc. GST (Singapore deliveries only)
  • InFusion™ Multi-Technology Air Purifier

    $ 595.00 inc. GST (Singapore deliveries only)
  • InRush™ Advanced Air Purification System for Vehicles

    $ 188.00 inc. GST (Singapore deliveries only)
The Best Time to Buy an Air Purifier

With the outside air quality occasionally wandering below less than healthy levels and that an average adult breathes some of this pollution in the 11,000 litres of air breathed in per day, it makes even more sense to consider purifying the air in our living spaces now.

Technology Tried, Tested & Trusted to Do More

Octygen® air purifiers are designed to do just that with specific applications in mind and feature DSP™ Purification Technology that was developed by scientists and once only used in tough commercial applications for enhancing hygiene, quality of air and the quality of life at workplaces.

Now DSP™ technology is available to suit discerning health-conscious lifestyles, to clean and purify the air and more to add daily utility to their purpose.

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Taking the Lead from Nature

The key feature of the DSP™ technology is the mimicry of a natural phenomenon in which air is converted into purifying plasmas by energies that are also present in our Sun’s rays.  Plasmas are excited air molecules that are abundant outdoors on a bright sunny day which impart a sense of liveliness and freshness to air and also act to break down contaminants naturally.

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Test Results from Accredited Laboratories show the Purification Power of DSP™ Technology



Once created, these naturally-occurring contaminant fighters immediately start work inside an Octygen® air purifier and carry on working after they leave the purified air outlet of the air purifier to continue destroying potentially harmful viruses, bacteria, odours and other fumes and gases in an indoor space.

Not Just Any Air Purifier

In this mode of action DSP™ Technology overcomes the ‘capture mechanisms’ of most other conventional air purifiers that require air to be drawn through the device for air purification to take place, and effectively deals with contaminants both in the air and on surfaces better than ever before by an air purifier.

Say No to Chemicals

Plus, the fact that DSP™ Technology operates without the use of chemicals means that it sits nicely in today’s chemical reduction strategies for our indoor environments, minimizing associated potential health risks arising from the accumulation of chemicals used in normal chemical-based alternatives.


Choose an Octygen® Air Purifier for Everyday

Experience Octygen® air purifiers and add start with fresh, crisp and pure air every day.