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Model Nos : Infusion NF8B

Unit Weight : 8.0 Kg

Gross Weight: 10.0 Kg


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Many environmental factors are increasingly polluting the air we breathe.  While there is little we can do while we are outdoors, there are steps we can take to control the air we breath indoors to safeguard our health and our family's health.

The advanced multiple technologies used by the InFusion™ to purify the air effectively promotes general health as it removes up to 99% of particles with its HEPA filter as well as chemicals and germs in the air.

The unique DSP™ technology with plasma and anions means that it works outside of the box to also kill germs on surfaces in the room while it freshens and increases sense of wellness, keeping your home clean and healthy.


Problems with Air Indoors & Associated Health Risks

The air in homes and offices has been shown to contain elevated levels of contaminants ranging from fine particles from external pollution such as traffic and haze, as well as chemicals from the overuse of chemical products indoors and the off-gassing from modern-day indoor materials and articles, to potentially pathogenic germs that are introduced by people and pets.

While low levels of contaminants may cause short-term discomfort, several studies have shown that prolonged exposure to these significantly raises the risk of developing acute respiratory conditions as well as longer term adverse health effects such as allergies.

The InFusion™ combines a range of technologies that works on just about every measurable contaminant tested by IAQ professionals and more.



InFusion™’s Multiple Technology Keeps Up to Standards

With a multi-stage filtration process that includes a pre-filter, HEPA filter and a carbon filter you can count on your InFusion™ to clean the air up in your living and working spaces for you and your loved ones.

• Tested for ultrafine particles of size 2.5nm and below at up to 99% efficiency.
• Adsorbs chemicals
• Deactivates potential pathogens

Raising the Bar with DSP™ Technology

Surpassing the requirements of normal indoor air cleaning the InFusion™ also incorporates an anion generator and the enterprise-grade DSP™ technology unique to Octygen® air purifiers.

The Deodorize, Sanitize and Purify, or DSP™ technology adds a new dimension of effectiveness in home air cleaning, by breaking down potentially

pathogenic bacteria and harmful fumes and gases that typically escape filtration processes to effectively work “outside of the box”:

• Deals with biological and chemical indoor contaminants at the point of origin to minimize their spread and effect.
• Kills Airborne & Surface Germs. Mobile plasma ions improve hygiene in the air and 360 degrees around objects.
• Destroys odour-causing molecules and everywhere the plasma reaches, including inside air-conditioners.
• Creates balanced ions that promotes well-being and supports concentration.
• Energized plasmas emulate fresh outdoor air making air-conditioned air feel cooler, crisper.
• Works without chemicals so that it does not add to the chemical burden indoors that build up and lead to potential problems.

And Then Some… For Usefulness Everyday

Add in practical smart features and the InFusion™ is the advanced multi-technology air purifier that performs not only during hazy days, but every day:

• Auto mode automatically selects cleaning rate according to the detected air quality.
• Clean air outlet automatically closes preventing dust from entering when not in operation.
• Easy-to-use control panel and remote control.




– InFusion™ unit
– Remote Control unit
– User manual



(note: specifications subject to variation without notice)

Coverage : Up to 60m2
Dimensions : 642 (H) x 320 (W) x 192 (D) mm
Nett Weight : 8.0 Kg
Voltage : 230V AC 50Hz
Power : 40W (min), 85W (Max)
Power cord length : 1.8 m (max)


Common Air Pollutants in Rooms

• Plasticizers
• Flame retardants
• Other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from waxes, cleaning agents, perfumes & fragrances, etc.
• Formaldehyde
• Sulphur & Nitrogen oxides
• Unwanted odours (tobacco smoke, pet, food)
• Potentially pathogenic and infectious viruses, bacteria and fungi
• Stale smells from the air conditioner

InFusion™ Features & Benefits

• Multi-stage filtration process removes 99.99% of particles
• Industry-proven DSP™ advanced purification technologies
• Mobile, active purification power for whole room effectiveness
• Does not use chemicals
• Promotes alertness and feeling of well-being
• Versatile utility for everyday usage