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Model: InRush™

Unit Weight: 212g

Gross Weight:550g

Weight 0.212 kg
Dimensions 16.0 x 12.5 x 7.5 cm
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Safety, comfort and well-being in your vehicle cabin is more than meets the eye.  Car cabins have been shown to contain a multitude of invisible biological and chemical contaminants; many of which cause discomfort or are potentially hazardous to health.

The InRush™ is an advanced air purification system for vehicles that uses technology which breaks down toxic gases present in your car, including formaldehyde (a carcinogen) and volatile organic gases and fumes which are present in tobacco smoke and vehicle exhaust.   More importantly, the InRush™ advanced air purification system operates without using any chemicals to kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganism in your car cabin that may potentially cause serious infections and illnesses.


Air Quality in Vehicles & Health

Vehicle interiors pick up a wide range of biological and chemical contaminants that not only come from using the vehicle, but traffic air pollutants that infiltrate through minute leaks and intrinsic ventilation. This adds to the other chemicals that slowly off gas from fittings and upholstery to form a complex soup of pollutants that causes discomfort and could cause or aggravate health conditions in both the short and long term.

While those in the dark continue to be oblivious to the risks of exposure to these pollutants, those who are aware put up with them because there has been no effective way of dealing with them all at once, until now.

The InRush™ is an advanced air purification system for designed for use in vehicle cabins to help:

  • Improve hygiene and reduce risk of cross-infection through the air or by contact.
  • Reduce exposure to traffic fumes and gases entering cabins.
  • Freshen cabin atmospheres and remove unwanted odours from regular use of vehicles.
  • Promote alertness and raise the feeling of passengers’ well-being for refreshing, more enjoyable journeys



InRush Annotated ID

InRush™ features powerful DSP™ Technology with the advantage of mobile purifying plasmas which allows InRush’s purification power to actively work as it travels along with the dynamic airflow throughout a vehicle’s cabin. The advantages of this combination of power and mobility are clear.


Mobile, Active Purification Power
  • Deals with biological and chemical pollutants at the point of origin to minimize their spread and effect.
  • Kills Airborne & Surface Germs.  Mobile plasma ions improve hygiene in the air and 360 degrees around objects.
  • Destroys odour-causing molecules in cabin interiors and everywhere the plasma reaches, including inside air-conditioners.


Works Without Chemicals
  • Breaks down fumes and contaminants instead of adding to traffic chemicals that accumulate in the cabin.


Promotes Well-Being
  • Creates balanced ions that promotes well-being and helps reduce tiredness and vehicle sickness during long journeys.
  • Energized plasmas emulate fresh outdoor air making air-conditioned air feel cooler, crisper.


Simple And Convenient Usage

Simply connect the supplied power cord into the InRush™ unit and plug in the other end into the 12V DC outlet of your vehicle. Set the InRush™ unit down in a suitable location and power on to start the purification
process. A power switch each on both the power cord and the unit itself allows for more convenient operation.


Add A World’s First!

A Continuously Variable Plasma Output Control puts the InRush™ further ahead of the pack to allow you to take control of situations for you to decide that point where purification power meets optimal comfort.
Simply tune it up when contamination rates are high and down again for that clear, cool and crisp feeling that’s just right.


Travel Fresher, Safer and More Comfortable Today

Get the ultimate in versatility and to begin with fresher, safer and more comfortable journeys. With good looks to boot, there’s every good reason to buy an InRush™ today.



– InRush unit
– 12V DC power cord with switch
– User manual
– Velcro strip

(note: specifications subject to variation without notice)

Dimensions : 150 (L) x 92 (W) x 49 (T) mm
Weight : 212g (without power cord)
Power : 12V DC, max 1.5A
Power cord length : 1.8 m (max)


Common Air Pollutants in Vehicle Cabins

• Plasticizers
• Flame retardants
• Other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from waxes, cleaning agents, perfumes & fragrances, etc.
• Carbon monoxide
• Formaldehyde
• Benzene
• Sulphur & Nitrogen oxides
• Unwanted odours (tobacco smoke, pet, food)
• Potentially pathogenic and infectious viruses, bacteria and fungi
• Chemicals in new car smell
• Stale smells from the air conditioner
• Tobacco smoke smells
• Left-over odours from previous usage
• Traffic exhaust and oil smells
• Other automotive-related toxic fumes and gases

InRush Benefits

• First-In-The-World Continuously Variable Plasma Output Control allows adjustment to suit a wide range of vehicle types and contaminant situations.
• Industry-proven advanced purification technologies.
• Mobile, active purification power for whole cabin effectiveness
• Does not use chemicals
• Promotes alertness and feeling of well-being
• Versatile utility for everyday usage
• Sleek design to complement vehicle interiors

What Users Say

“The InRush makes my air-con air feel crisp, like driving through the alps”

Mr R.Tan – Jaguar XJ8

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